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Water Technology,
Safety and Hygiene

Bactochem Labs

Laboratory services for environmental quality matters.

About Us

Bactochem was established in 1977 and providing  microbiology&chemistry laboratory services for public health, agriculture and environmental needs.
Bactochem  is employing  scientists and academics from the   chemistry &life sciencesdisciplinewho works in perfect synergy for high quality performance of the laboratory tests.
Bactochem is recognized by all Israeli   governmental regulating bodies and is  
certified by the Israel Accreditation   Authorities according to ISO 17025 standards.
Bactochem  laboratories  is also providing  sampling , transportation, consultation& research services.

Bactochem Labs

18 Hacharash, Ness Ziona, 74031

Phone: 08-9308308
Fax: 08-9401439
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Website: www.bactochem.co.il

Areas of activities

Surveying, testing, treating, rehabilitating and sealing polluted soil.

Laboratory services for environmental quality matters.

Cooperation, initiation, financing, investment, establishment, supervision and management of complex environmental projects in Israel and overseas

Monitoring, sampling and measuring air pollutants in manufacturing processes in chimneys and the environment.

Measurement systems, equipment and instrumentation, leakage detection and control, sampling and treatment of water and sewage.

Technological partnerships, entrepreneurship centers, start-up companies for R&D of water and sewage treatment technologies.

Green agriculture – treatment of effluents, agricultural waste and green agrochemicals, compost, wastage

The Laboratory specializes in a variety of tests:

  • Food chemistry, environmental chemistry,  micro pollutants, microbiology, plant and soil chemistry, veterinary diagnosis, pharmaceutical chemistry and molecular biology
  • Testing environmental needs, agriculture and pharmaceuticals  
  • Qality testing and sampling for air, water, food and soil
  • Veterinary Diagnosis
  • Use of the most advanced equipment in each
     testing  area  pertaining  to public health
     and environmental welfare
  • Measurement, quality control&gathering of  water data  and  sewage