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Water Technology,
Safety and Hygiene

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Water technologies
Soil pollution, rehabilitating and sealing soil and surfaces.
Preventing air pollution
Hazardous Materials
Testing and research laboratories for environmental quality services
Solid waste, municipal garbage, tree prunings and construction waste.
Industrial plants, recycling plants and waste disposal sites
Green economy – environmental projects, green investments, technology hothouses and start-up companies
Safety, hygiene, health and fire safety
Radiation – tests, measurement, equipment, instrumentation and devices employing various technologies, providing advice and solutions
Acoustics, noise and vibration control
Preparation and certification for management of environmental quality and safety
Consulting, planning, environmental management, environmental impact surveys for industrial plants, urban projects, nature and landscape
Environmental education – environmental studies, courses, trips and visitor centers
Legal consulting and expert opinions pertaining to environmental quality laws
Companies manufacturing fuels from green energy sources / green transportation
Green agriculture – treatment of effluents, agricultural waste and green agrochemicals, compost, wastage
Green and sophisticated construction – architects, contractors, building materials, equipment, products and technologies
Alternative energy systems – solar, wind, biogas, waves, water, geothermal energy and more...
Public organizations, forums, associations and unions
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Welcome to the Environment, Water Technology, Safety and Hygiene Portal

For the past decade the environment and water technology have been among the most critical issues on the public agenda. The attempts to save water and find alternative sources of energy are gathering momentum in Israel and overseas and are given top priority. more...
Experts' opinion
The Norwegian company Cambi AS has developed and installed worldwide its unique “steam explosion” thermal hydrolysis process (THP), a technology for the treatment of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) sludge prior to anaerobic digestion

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The First Solar Airplane is on Its Way
The first test flight was successfully completed in Switzerland

The "Productive Roads" will generate electricity through solar and wind energy in areas accessible to available infrastructure.
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